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A Look at Energy Efficiency Incentives

Energy efficiency incentives are a way to encourage people to be more energy efficient. These incentives offer people an immediate reason to buy energy efficient products.

Energy efficiency is important because it is the most viable solution to conserving energy and reducing pollution in the environment. Through energy efficiency we can start to be less reliant on fossil fuels. We can start paying less for energy and get more for our money.

Why are Incentives Offered?

Energy Efficiency incentives are offered to help encourage people to be more energy efficient. People often shop based upon price and many energy efficient products are priced higher than those that are not. By offering energy efficiency incentives people are encouraged to buy energy efficient products because they will get something in return – some type of savings – for doing so.

Incentives are a way to let people know that energy efficiency is important. Many people simply do not understand the importance of energy efficiency. People do not realize that energy costs are high because supply is down and demand is up. They do not know that fossil fuels are depleting and that they could be gone for good sooner than we think. Energy efficiency incentives simply tell people that being energy efficient is good. Once they buy the product and use they will see the other benefits of being energy efficient, such as saving money on energy costs.

Types of Incentives


There are many types of energy efficiency incentives available. Here are some with an explanation of how they work:

– Tax credits – Given by the government, tax credits give tax payers a credit on their taxes for energy efficiency purchases. The tax credits were established under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The credits can be taken on vehicle purchases, windows, other weatherization and appliances. The specifics can be found out from the IRS. The credits are available to individuals and businesses.

– Energy star rebates – Purchases of certain energy star products may make you eligible for rebates. These rebates are offered by partners of the energy star program. Information can usually be found through energy star.

– Local incentives – Some local governments and state governments give incentives to residents that are energy efficient. To find out about such incentives you should contact you local department of energy.

Incentives are a great way to get people on board with energy efficiency. They can make someone choose an energy efficient product over one that is not. Energy efficiency incentives are something that may not be around forever, so go ahead and take advantage of them now.

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