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Examples of Renewable Energy Sources

People are trying to find new ways to replenish our earth’s resources. We need energy on a regular basis but the methods of getting our energy are running low. Gases prices are rising and other changes in the economy also make it more difficult. However, the need for energy will never go away. It is time we look at other options such as renewable energy sources to meet our needs.

Renewable energy is considered to be that which is taken from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, the tide or geothermal heat. This is considered to be energy which will replenish itself naturally. There is a big demand for renewable energy sources today as we are on the verge of using up many of our existing resources.

Some examples of renewable energy sources include:

• Solar power
• Wind power
• Water power
• Geothermal

These are some of the most well known types of renewable energy. Specialists have been studying renewable energy for some time now and looking for newer and better ways of achieving it for our future. Wind power is usually generated by large windmills that catch the wind. They need to be located someplace high so that buildings, trees and mountains do not block the wind and the full capacity can be captured for energy. Some of the benefits to wind power are that it is safe to use because it does not produce harmful by-products that contaminate the environment and it is considered an inexhaustible energy supply.

Some reasons why people do not like wind power is that it can cost more to install, birds can get caught in the blades and many people just don’t like the way the windmills look. Solar power is probably the most well known type and it has many benefits. It is very convenient and the sun is always there. The systems are built to last a long time and they cut back on pollution to the environment. It is dependable and sturdy and no backup power source is needed.

Water power uses water to generate energy and can be more expensive than some of the other renewable energy sources. You do have to get the water to your location to use as energy but water is very abundant on our planet so this is a viable renewable energy source.

Lastly, geothermal energy uses the natural heat from the earth to produce energy. It can be very useful but it can also be expensive to install and is not as feasible for the individual as it is for the big business at this time. Changes are being made to all of these examples of renewable energy sources to improve them for the future.

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