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Explanation of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is one of the rating systems used to rate energy efficiency in appliances, specifically air conditioning units. Energy efficiency is the reduction of energy use through using technology. Energy efficient appliances and other products are the heart of energy efficiency. Through buying and using energy efficient appliances and products you can help further the goals of energy efficiency and help reduce pollution, reduce energy usage and save yourself money.

Definition of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the unit measurement of the energy efficiency used by air conditioning units. It is computed by dividing the cooling output by the amount of power used. It also factors in the temperatures and other variables that occur during use.

A high SEER rating is optimal meaning it is very energy efficient. A 10 rating is what is considered the minimum for newer made air conditioning units. Older air conditioning units probably rate at around a 7.

You can find the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio on the yellow and black Energy Guide found on your unit.

Relationship to Other Ratings

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is similar to the Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. EER is the measurement of the cooling ratio capacity and the input power to the performance of a unit.

The Government and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio


The United States government is using the SEER to help regulate the manufacturing of new air conditioning units. As of January 2006 the government placed a new regulation that residential air condition units sold in the United States must meet a standard of a minimum SEER rating of 13. The requirement for central air conditioning unit under the new regulations is a SEER of 14 minimum.

Such regulations by the federal government is a part of the total movement to make this country more energy efficient. There is a real need for the reduction of reliance upon fossil fuels and this is one step towards making sure that we are moving in the right direction.

Such things like the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio are aimed at helping you, the consumer, make better choices when buying appliances and other energy consuming products. Not only do these energy efficient products help reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption but they save you money. The efforts of many organizations and government agencies are all working towards a country where energy efficiency is the norm and something we all do naturally. This will help ensure in the future that there is no longer an energy crisis.

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