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Exploring The Types Of Wind Energy Systems

Wind energy systems are the driving force behind this growing source of power. As they become more affordable and attainable for both power companies and individuals, the worldwide use of wind power is on the rise. The basic classifications of systems available for industrial and personal use tend to run the gamut in regard to pricing and capacity.

The types of wind energy systems that are commonly in use today include:

• Industrial grade turbines – These wind energy systems are designed for use in wind farm installations. In most cases, this system type is reserved for use by commercial electrical companies. The spread of wind turbine units of industrial size and capacity is on the rise. In the year 2007 alone, the United States, for example, increased its production of wind energy by some 45 percent. This source of power is now responsible for more than 20 percent of Denmark’s energy.

• Home use, off grid systems – Wind energy systems for home use are generally seen in use in remote locations. Depending on the type of system in use, it is possible for a homeowner to remain completely off the electrical grid. While there might be some ups and downs in regard to productivity, wind power is a viable option here as long as the wind capacity is high and there is space available for turbines to operate efficiently.

• Home use, on grid systems – These wind energy systems are designed to keep a home’s tie into the electrical grid active. The advantage of this can be rather impressive. When this type of system is used, the wind turbine will power a home to the maximum of its capacity. If it cannot handle the full load, the regular electrical system will supply power. If, however, the turbine produces more energy than is needed by a home, it is possible for the energy to be sold to a power company. This means owners of this type of system can actually make money off the prospect.

• Hybrid systems – Some wind energy systems are designed to cover a few bases at once. For example, hybrid wind and solar systems are available. What this type of system does is create energy from both the wind and the sun’s heat. This is a viable option in many locations, but can prove especially beneficial in remote, off grid locations.

Wind energy systems are becoming rather common in countries all over the world. With thousands of installations found from Europe and North America to Asia, it is clear that this form of alternative energy is being taken seriously on the global scene.

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