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Get Ideas from Energy Efficiency Examples

Sometimes energy efficiency can be confusing. It is often confused with energy conservation. Energy efficiency is using technology to reduce energy use where energy conservation is changing your behavior to save energy.

Being energy efficient involves using energy efficient products. You can do this in many areas of your life. Here are some energy efficiency examples that you can use to get ideas on how you can start being more energy efficient.


Some energy efficiency examples in transportation include more energy efficient vehicles. There has been a recent move towards hybrid vehicles. Hybrids allow you to use less gasoline when driving and therefore reduce the amount of gasoline you use. A hybrid vehicle is a great example of energy efficiency because you are not giving up anything to drive a hybrid. You can drive as much as you did before but still save energy.

Another example is keeping up on maintenance. By regular maintenacing your vehicle it will run more efficiently and use less gasoline. You should keep the tires inflated to the proper level and so a tune up regularly.


Energy efficiency examples in the home include a number of measures designed to eliminate energy waste. Such things include weatherization of the home which reduces drafts, leaks and other energy wasting factors. This can include insulating the home, insulating pipes and installing new windows.

Other examples include installing energy efficient appliances, like stoves, water heaters and air conditioning units and replacing light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs.

Being energy efficient in your home is the best way to implement energy efficiency in your life. You have complete control over such things as what appliances you use and how well your home is insulated. To top it off you get the most benefits from being energy efficient at home. You will see a major savings in energy costs.


While you have no control over how energy efficient businesses are, you can show your support to those companies that are energy efficient. The more people that do that the better the results. Businesses will see that being energy efficient is beneficial to their business and they implement energy efficient measures in their business, such as producing energy efficient products and taking energy efficiency measures at their business.

These energy efficiency examples are just the tip of the many ways you can be more energy efficient. It is a choice to be energy efficient but it is a choice that will benefit you and future generations in many ways. Doing your part to be energy efficient is important. So take these energy efficient examples and use them in your life.

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