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Information Concerning Renewable Energy in India

There is much talk about the renewable energy in India. The environment there provides plenty of water and sunlight that is perfect for putting renewable energy to the test. It also has ample amount of biomass and is considered to be one of the best places in the world for using renewable energy. Over the last couple of decades they have been working endlessly to harness these resources and with great success.

Renewable energy in India has come a long way. In fact, it has been referred to as the largest program designed for use of this type of energy in the world. In the year 1982 the government created the DNES which stands for Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources in India. By the year 1992 the Prime Minister established a complete ministry dedicated to nonrenewable energy sources.

This ministry of renewable energy in India promotes technology that supports renewable energy techniques, research and development and the production of products that help to save on energy. This has paved the way for many products to be designed and used in India to help save on natural resources.

They are considered to be the head of wind power technology. India has somewhere around 5 billion units of stored up electricity in its national grid. This is thanks to its 1167MW wind power capability. There are more programs in progress that will increase the wind power in India over the next several years.

Solar power is also used as a source of renewable energy in India. There have been many products made that use solar power. In fact, solar power is considered the most popular use of renewable energy in India. It is extremely popular and solar systems have been installed all across India in homes, hotels, business and more. They are especially popular in the remote and rural areas.

Solar water heaters have been installed in businesses, hotels and many other places in India with great results. The solar water heaters are so popular that they are described as being the best renewable energy device designed. SPV systems and solar cookers are also being used as a source of renewable energy in India.

When you look at all the accomplishments and success India has had with using renewable energy, it’s very encouraging. Renewable energy is the one thing that can help preserve the earth’s natural resources and ensure future generations have the same chance that past generations have had. Renewable energy in India is an example of how the rest of the world can jumpstart their energy needs.

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