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Install An Energy Efficient Dishwasher

One of the losses of energy involves using an older dishwasher that takes a long time to heat the water to wash the dishes, which wastes energy every time a load of dishes are ran with the dishwasher. About 60% of the energy used while doing dishes is used to heat the water. This little unknown fact wastes a large amount of energy without the homeowner even knowing they are wasting money.

The good news is the new dishwashers use less water and take less time to heat the water. This is due to the energy standards requiring the new models to have the energy efficiency. This passes the savings onto the consumer. Savings they will see in the monthly utilities and the time they spend doing the dishes.

When buying a new dishwasher look for the ranking of the dishwasher. Even though the newer models are supposed to be energy efficient, there are different ratings of energy efficiency. The higher the ranking the better the dishwasher will save money and energy.

Locate one that has low water usage. The less water the dishwasher uses the higher it is with energy efficiency. Some models use half the water to do a load of dishes saving hundreds of gallons of water a year.

Select a dishwasher with different settings for the different cycles. The more options of the setting the higher the energy savings will be. Based on the type of load of dishes the setting are adjusted saving energy and water. Some dishwashers have sensors to adjust the water temperature providing additional savings for the consumer.

Select the dishwasher with a “no heat” dry option. This saves on wasted energy after the dishes have been washed. Realize there is not valuable reason for the dishes to be heat dried so save money and energy by opting to allow the dishes to air dry.

Save energy by avoiding rinsing dishes before placing in the dishwasher. The act of rinsing the dishes wastes water. If you must rinse the dishes prior to loading then use cool water and you will still save by avoiding using hot water needlessly.

Only do full loads of dishes. It is wasteful to only do a partial load. Take the time to wait to do a full load providing energy savings by being patient. Since most people do rinse the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, waiting for a full load will cause the dishes to have caked on and dried food while they wait to be washed.

Taking the time to select the best dishwasher will save money and energy. It is worth the time to research each model before making the final selection.

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