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Interesting Wind Energy Facts

Anyone who thinks that wind energy isn’t viable should take a look at some of the interesting wind energy facts about production throughout the world. The reality is this form of alternative energy is here and its popularity is on the rise.

Wind energy facts that support the notion that this form of alternative energy production isn’t a fleeting fancy include:

• The worldwide production – Wind energy is estimated to supply about 1 percent of the world’s power at the present. This number is anticipated to grow.

• Denmark’s dominance – Of all the countries in the world, this Scandinavian nation is the one that has embraced wind power with the widest open of arms. It is estimated that nearly 20 percent of Denmark’s energy comes from wind power.

• The rest of Europe’s interest – European countries fall only a small amount behind Denmark when it comes to production and use of wind power. Countries here that rely rather heavily on wind power include Spain, Portugal and Germany.

• The U.S. is picking up steam – As of 2007, about 1 percent of energy production in the United States came from wind farms. The state of Texas takes the lead with 4,356 MW of energy production. California, Minnesota, Iowa and Washington trail Texas as leaders in this movement.

• Increase of manufacturing facilities – An estimated 14 new facilities to manufacture wind power related equipment were announced in 2007.

• General Electric’s dominance – The company that has electricity in its name is the one that leads production of wind power equipment. The wind energy facts related to GE include its ownership of some 45 percent of the market for new systems installed and its longevity in the field – some two decades plus.

• The increase in production in the U.S. – Of all the interesting wind energy facts, this one could be the most exciting for American environmentalists. It is estimated that the U.S. expanded its capacity to produce wind power by 45 percent in the year 2007 alone. A total of 5,422 megawatts of wind energy production capacity was added in this year. The U.S. anticipates its wind farms will create some 48 billion kilowatt-hours of power in 2008. This is enough energy to fuel an estimated 4.5 million homes.

• The origins of wind energy – The first mention of wind power dates back to the first century AD. Windmills are known to have been in fairly common use by the seventh century AD.

Wind energy facts show that this environmental trend does have a great deal of merit. With countries all over the world turning to this renewable resource, it is anticipated that growth in production will only continue.

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