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Renewable Energy From Sea

Renewable energy from sea, is it really possible? The seas around the globe are powerful masses of energy that can be harnessed to do many things. Water power, or hydro power is often thought of as one of the most beneficial forms of renewable energy because it uses very little in the way of power to make happen. In fact, there are some situations in which large rivers and dams have been used to generate so much power that entire cities can be fueled with all they need to live life. Yet, the seas are different because they are salt water. Plus, there are other factors including marine life that must be taken into consideration.

In some areas of Europe there are large studies happening that look to improve the options for use of renewable energy from sea. In one study, done by Georges Claude from the early 1920’s, there is evidence that by harnessing the power of the sea there could be enough renewable energy that could provide for all electricity and hydrogen energy that is needed around the globe. In addition to this, by using this man’s invention, not only would they have a large amount of potential energy but also increased amounts of desalinated water.

So, why aren’t more people looking at the options of using renewable energy sea water? One of the largest hold ups are people who do not want to exploit the use of the sea for this benefit. Will it harm animals? Will it destroy their habitats? For some people, the risks of disturbing this area is enough to stop the exploration of this option. Yet, many researchers are looking for ways to still use renewable energy from sea without having to interfere with animals so much so as to bother their ecosystems.

With the rise of sea levels due in part to the rise of global warming, more people are looking at the options they have in renewable energy in seas. The seas that could potentially provide this type of energy are located around the globe and with the right investment of technology, there is little doubt that the energy obtained would be powerful. And yet, the cost itself is another of the reasons why renewable energy from sea water hasn’t been used as much as it could be.

With the investment of renewable energy from sea, you will see a reduction in dependency on fossil fuels and an improvement to the environment since these harmful toxins will not enter the air. Yet, using sea energy is something still being developed as a reasonable and affordable option.

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