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Renewable Sources of Energy: It’s Role

What is the role that renewable sources of energy have on the people that live in the United States? In some areas of the world, solar power and other types of natural energy forms are readily in use. In fact, in countries like Israel the push to find more ways to use solar power in particular is so high that the government is playing an active role in getting this type of energy in each home and business. But, in the United States, where the demand is larger and there is much more politics involved, how does renewable sources of energy really work?

Top Five Forms Of Renewable Energy

There are several sources of renewable energy, but there is a top five most commonly used and known types to consider. Here is a closer look at these renewable sources of energy.

• Biomass energy is produced through wood and wood waste, as well as other forms such as municipal solid waste, ethanol, bidiesel, biogas and landfills. By using these sources of fuel, the improvements to the environment is large.

• Geothermal energy is energy that comes from the heart of the Earth, where energy is naturally found.

• Wind power is ideal especially in areas where it is considerably windy, such as off the coastlines of many areas.

• Water power, or hydro power is perhaps one of the most astonishing as people take the energy created by rushing water and harness it to help power whole cities with all of the electricity those cities need.

• Solar power is one of the most well known types of energy that is considered renewable. It comes from the sun’s rays, which are stored and then used for virtually any need out there.

These renewable sources of energy are just the start of what is available. But, how is this used? Did you know, for example, that up to about 125 years ago, or five generations ago, the main source of fuel (up to 90 percent in fact) was that of wood? These renewable sources of energy are not new, but the way that many people are using them is new. Fossil fuels have the current advantage because they are cheaper to obtain and use, but the fact is, over time, those fossil fuels will become increasingly expensive and harder to find.

It is estimated that there is 6.8 quadrillion Btu need in the United States in the year 2007 that comes from renewable sources of energy. That is only about 7 percent of all of the needed energy in the country.

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