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Resources for Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is using energy that is renewable and naturally occurring. There are several different resources for alternative energy available to use now. Alternative energy has seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to the rising cost of fuel and concerns over the dwindling supply of fossil fuels available. There are many resources available to help anyone who may be interested in alternative energy get started as well.

Solar energy is one of the most obvious sources of alternative energy. The sun provides heat and energy for all life to grow and thrive on the Earth. Photovoltaic cells are used to harness the power of the sun. The Sun is a mighty and powerful resource that generates an enormous amount of energy. The Earth only absorbs about 51% of the solar energy put of by the Sun. The remaining amount is either absorbed by the clouds or is radiated back out into space. Harnessing the power of the sun to convert into usable energy has never been easier. The photovoltaic cells are less expensive and more technologically advanced than they ever have been before. There are many competent professionals able to assist in the set-up of these cells as well. Solar energy can be converted into power for electricity or used for heating a home as well as for heating water. Solar energy is also a totally natural energy source and does not produce any pollution. One of the downsides to solar energy is that it uses storage batteries for storing excess energy. This can be used for cloudy or stormy days or at night when the Sun is not shining.

Another resource for alternative energy is the wind. Wind energy is the most common source of alternative energy and people have been using the power of the wind to generate energy for many years. The wind turbines available now are much more advanced and technologically progressive than the windmills of our past, but the idea is the same. The power of the wind turns the windmills creating energy. Wind power is an excellent source of alternative energy with many noted benefits.

Hydroelectric energy is another viable resource for alternative energy. Hydroelectric uses the power of water to turn turbines to generate electricity. There is plenty of water available as a resource for this, however in order to produce enough energy for a city a dam would need to be built in order to control the water flow more efficiently. For a small neighborhood or an individual home a run-of-river- hydroelectric converter can be used.

Geothermal energy is naturally occurring and comes from energy that is produced by water under the surface of the Earths crust. The heat comes from Earths inner core. There are several different ways to harness this resource for natural energy including “dry steam” power plants, “flash” power plants, and “Binary” power plants.

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