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Revealing Energy Efficiency Facts

The importance and need for energy efficiency can really be best understood by looking at some energy efficiency facts. You will see that energy efficiency can help in many ways just by seeing the facts that have been gathered about the effects of energy efficiency in different areas.

Energy Efficiency Facts About Reducing Pollution

Everyone knows that trading in those large vehicles for smaller cars saves on gas, but most people do not know they are helping the environment too. Trading your large vehicle for a small energy efficient car means you are producing about 107 less tons of CO2 every year. Imagine if everyone did that then pollution levels would drastically drop.

Many people do not realize that even household appliances produce pollutants. Your old refrigerator that is not energy efficient produces a lot of CO2. Get a new energy efficient model and you will produce 1,100 pounds less CO2 in one year.

Fluorescent light bulbs cut CO2 emissions by 1,300 a year. You can replace your 25 watt bulbs with 75 watt fluorescent to get that savings.

Energy Efficiency Facts About Saving Fossil Fuels

The fuel efficiency of an SUV is known to not be that great. However, with some energy efficiency measures that increase the fuel efficiency of an SUV that vehicle could get 3 more miles per gallon. With all the SUV’s on the road that would equal a savings of 49,000,000 gallons of gasoline every year in the United States alone.

An improvement in air conditioning units energy efficiency of 30% would save the energy produced by 46 power plants operating at 300 MV.

Energy Efficiency Facts About Saving Money

An older model refrigerator uses a lot of energy. If you replace your old model with a newer energy efficient model you can save about $80 a year on your energy bill.

Another appliance that can eat away at your pocketbook is your dishwasher. Instead of going back to hand washing just upgrade to an energy efficient model and you will save about $100 a year on the cost on energy, water and even detergent.

The type of light bulb you use can cost you money, too. Use fluorescent and you will save about $55 a year.

Simple changes can make a huge difference. These energy efficiency facts make that clear. Take what you have learned from these energy efficiency facts and put it to use. The next time you are upgrading appliances or even buying new light bulbs go for energy efficient products and you will save big.

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