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The Importance Of Wind Energy Shouldn’t Be Discounted

Although wind power only accounts for about 1 percent of the world’s total energy production, it doesn’t mean that overlooking this alternative is wise. With production of wind energy on the rise in countries such as the United States, the importance of wind energy is only beginning to be realized.

Wind energy that is pumped into the electrical grid is generally produced in special patches of land known as wind farms. It is here that power companies or private individuals place wind turbines to “harvest” energy. Turbines work on a similar principle as a basic fan. Rather than blow air, however, turbines have their blades blown by the wind. When this happens, a shaft within the turbine turns. This, in turn, sends energy to a generator that creates power.

The importance of wind energy comes in on two different levels. The first involves its benefits. The second level is the viability of this alternative resource.

The Benefits Of Wind Power

The importance of wind energy becomes clearly evident when the advantages of its production and use are understood. The benefits of wind energy use include:

• Conservation of fossil fuels – For every kilowatt hour of wind energy produced, a kilowatt hour of fossil fuel based energy is saved. As the finite supplies of fossil fuels become depleted, this is a very important factor supporting the use of wind energy.


• Environmental impacts – As important as fossil fuels have been to the world for decades, their use does not come without potential environmental hazards. The importance of wind energy can also be seen on this front where its greener side tends to shine. The fact is wind energy does not produce the harmful side effects that fossil fuel burning does.

• Potential cost savings – As wind farms and energy production become more accepted, the cost savings of using this type of energy are being realized.

The Viability Of Using Wind Power

Discounting the importance of wind energy is nearly impossible when worldwide production figures are taken into account. The reality is wind power is not a pipedream. The wind, in fact, provides some 1 percent of the world’s total electrical supply. In Denmark, production levels are at more than 20 percent of the power for that entire country. Use in other European countries is also high. The United States is also starting to take major notice of wind power. It produces 1 percent of its electricity in this fashion, giving credence to the importance of wind energy.

Discounting the importance of wind energy means turning a blind eye to the growing reliance on this alternative source of power. Wind energy is not only viable; it also delivers some major benefits when it is used.

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