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The Push for Energy Efficiency in Schools

As energy efficiency spreads throughout the nation it is not too much of a surprise that schools are getting into the idea. Schools are the teaching backbone of this country. They are the place where our countries future is taught and where they are shaped to take on the responsibilities of the country. Teaching energy efficiency in schools is a great way to create a future of energy efficient Americans.

Why Energy Efficiency in Schools is Important

Energy efficiency in schools is very important to the future of the country. Children learn through the school about energy efficiency. It has been shown that children will take this knowledge home and share it with their parents, possibly igniting a move towards energy efficiency in their home. Despite that possibility, teaching energy efficiency in schools enables students to have the knowledge so they can be energy efficient in the future.

Children are the future and teaching them about energy efficiency in schools is one way to help ensure the idea is spread to the future generations and that it is not lost. This concept is so important that we have to ensure the future generations continue to be energy efficient or they will face an energy crisis that is larger than one we have ever seen before.

Ways it is Implemented


Energy efficiency in schools in implemented in numerous ways. Some schools have started to install more energy efficient appliances like heating and cooling systems. Some schools have implemented rules that ensure the school is empty by a certain time of day so the lighting can be turned off and the heating or cooling turned down.

In some schools students are being taught about energy efficiency and how important it is, including the benefits of being energy efficient. There is even a special program that helps schools be more energy efficient.

Schools for Energy Efficiency Program

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency sponsors a program called the Schools for Energy Efficiency Program. This program explores ways to make schools more energy efficient. The CEE works with schools to help make them more energy efficient. Through combined efforts the program hopes to help make all schools energy efficient places.

With many public school systems having budget problems the idea of energy efficiency in schools is a good one. It can help school systems save a lot of wasted money on energy. These savings go back into the school and help make them a better place for children and allow them to be able to use the money for education instead of building costs.

The program is a comprehensive plan of the school to follow. It includes well thought out plans and assistance to help schools become more energy efficient.

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