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The Use Of Wind Energy In India Is On The Rise

As the demand for power in India continues to rise, this country is already seeking out alternative power sources. Although fossil fuels continue to be in high demand in this country, the use of wind energy in India is on the rise, as well.

Considered a relative latecomer to the use of wind power, India’s figures for use already rival that of the United States. Wind energy in India accounts for an estimated total of 1 percent of the country’s overall energy production. It does, however, hold the number four position on the worldwide scene in regard to capacity installed.

The use of wind energy in India began only in the 1990s. While this country has a long way to go to rival Denmark in production, there are a number of factors why it has come out of the gate so strong in the use of wind power. They include:

• Political support – The use of wind energy in India is strongly supported by the government. In a country where natural beauty and resources are considered jewels, this environmentally friendly option does hold very strong support. Domestic policy, in fact, highly encourages the use of wind energy in India where possible.

• Domestic production – The growth of wind energy in India is largely attributable to the easy availability this country has to wind turbines. The creation of Suzlon, a major wind turbine producer, within India has increased the popularity of this energy source. Suzlon, in fact, produces some 50 percent of all turbines used in wind energy production in India. It also holds an impressive 8 percent of the worldwide share.

The use of wind energy in India is found throughout the country. There is an estimated 7,660 megawatts of capacity installed at the present time. The areas that have the highest concentration of wind turbines and capacity include Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Beyond the domestic support for the use of wind energy in India, there are a number of other factors why this renewable source of energy is so welcomed here. They include:

• Ease of creating installations – Putting together a fully functional wind farm does not take a tremendous amount of time. Thanks to the presence of Suzlon, this is even easier.

• The reliability – The overall functionality of wind turbines has improved greatly in recent years. As more research goes into this technology, the reliability is growing, too.

Wind energy in India began a little late in comparison to other countries, but this nation has more than made up for it. Now the world’s fourth leading producer of wind energy, India could very well rival the top leaders before too much longer.

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