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Types of Energy Efficiency Grants

Energy efficiency grants are part of the whole effort to make this country and the world a more energy efficient place. With concern over depleting fossil fuels, global warming and the rising cost of energy it is important for changes to occur to bring solutions for these problems.

Energy efficiency is one such solution and energy efficiency grants are helping people everywhere to become more energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency State Projects

Some states have projects that offer energy efficiency grants. These grants may also be offered by local governments. These energy efficiency grants can help you to pay for your energy efficiency project.

Usually they are available on a large scale to business or other large group. There may be some available for home owners, though. The drive by the government on every level to increase energy efficiency will only mean more grants becoming available, possibly even at the federal level some time in the future.

Energy Star Grants

Energy Star is the universal symbol for energy efficient products. Products bearing the energy star logo meet specific requirements and are highly energy efficient. The purchase of energy star products may make you eligible for special energy star energy efficiency grants. You should check when buying an energy star products for grants that are available.

If you may also want to check into local energy programs which may offer energy star grants or otherwise be able to help you through an energy star grant they have received. Public energy programs are the best source for this information. You can usually find them in your public section of the phone book.

How to Find Grants

Finding grants is a matter of doing a simple search. You may also run into energy efficiency grants when you are shopping – look for displays or literature in the store. You may also find grants through your local newspaper if your local government has grants available.

To find grants you really have to do the leg work. While energy efficiency grants are used to help people get more energy efficient and to further the movement, they are still not widely publicized. They are, after all, free money and people tend to flood grant makers with requests so there is no need to heavily advertise grants available.

So an internet search and you should come up with some great grants to look into to. You should also first check with your energy provider. Many offer grants or other free services to help you get your home into a more energy efficient state.

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