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Types of Renewable Energy

Take some time to think about the many types of renewable energy. Do you know them all? Most people do not realize that there are so many types of renewable energy available and that is one of the problems with this type of energy. If more people knew about it, and its benefits, they would be more willing to utilize it and in turn avoid the most costly, more environmentally risky types of non renewable energy that are currently being used in vast amounts. Take a look at some of the most common types of renewable energy to see just how many you know are being used.

Biomass: One of the most common types of renewable energy is perhaps one you do not know a lot about. It takes various elements and uses them to create energy. There are various classifications under biomass including these:

• Wood and wood waste (one of the oldest forms of energy; used readily for 90 percent of energy production until 125 years ago.)
• Municipal solid waste
• Landfill waste
• Biogas
• Ethanol (created from corn and becoming one of the largest tools to replace gas in vehicles.)
• Diodiesel

Wind Power: Wind power is another type of renewable energy that is being used throughout the world. In some areas of the United States, it is helping to provide large amounts of energy to people. The problem with wind power is that there has to be a regular source of wind available. Plus, many people are reluctant to allow the large turbines to be located in their natural landscape which has slowed the growth of this natural energy source.

Water Power: Water is fascinating in itself, with the rushing of waves and the immense strength it has. People have developed ways of taking that massively produced water power and using it as water power, or hydro power. In fact, some cities are being powered by water, such as the Hoover Dam, which creates a large amount of electricity just by holding water in place and allowing it to rush over.

Solar Power: The sun is the oldest form of energy since it helps to provide virtually everything with the power to live. Solar power can be collected and stored and then used for any need. Solar power systems are being installed in a variety of homes, making it one of the easiest to apply solutions.

These main types of renewable energy are outstanding examples of how natural products that re renewable and clean burning can be used to create all the power needed to go about life the way you are living it.

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