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Understanding How Wind Energy Works

As its use becomes more prevalent in countries throughout the world, understanding how wind energy works is also becoming important. The reality is from Denmark to the United States and beyond, more and more homes are being powered by this alternative source of energy.

With an estimated 1 percent of the world’s total power produced courtesy of the wind, this resource is fast growing in importance. While major electrical companies the world over are tapping into this energy, more homeowners are also realizing the learning how wind energy works can save them money on their electric bills.

How wind energy works is fairly easy to understand on its most basic of level. Wind turbines are generally the devices that are used to harvest the power of the wind. These machines resemble giant fans. Rather than blow air themselves, these fans are turned by wind. When this happens, the fans turn a shaft within the turbine. This shaft, in turn, transforms the wind’s kinetic energy and turns it into usable power in a generator.

How wind energy works can vary a little bit based on the design of a system. In a large wind farm, for example, the turbines will generally be connected into the electrical grid. This means that power produced will go directly to homes and businesses for consumption. In the case of individual homes powered by the wind, the power produced in the generator will go directly into the home and its functioning.

Understanding how wind energy works and embracing this concept is becoming even more important as the crisis related to fossil fuels continues to grow. The benefits of expanding use of wind power are many. They include:

• The renewable factor – When a person understand how wind energy works, this particular benefit really stands out. The reality is that fossil fuels will one day dry up. Wind energy, however, will not. While it’s true certain areas are better suited to harvest this power in abundance, wind production is now found all over the world and it is working.

• The green factor – This is another major benefit that becomes clear when one understands how wind energy works. Production of this type of energy does not have the environmental impacts that fossil fuel use presents.

• The cost factor – Although there are some major expenses involved in setting up wind farms, the reality is the investment can pay for itself over time. From small, home-based turbines to large installations, there is a potential to save money over the long run versus the costs of fossil fuels.

As more countries tap into this alternative energy source, understanding how wind energy works is becoming more important. While this form of power hasn’t replaced the need for fossil fuels, it is growing in popularity the world over.

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