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What Are Some Alternative Energy Careers Available?

Green energy has been experiencing a surge in growth in all areas of the world recently due to the high cost of gas and oil and apprehension over the increase in greenhouse gases as well as other environmental concerns. As a result of the changing face of energy needs there are many alternative energy careers now available in a wide variety of fields and industries.

There are many exciting alternative energy careers available in the area of wind power and development. Jobs in wind turbine development for technology experts are available as well as public relations, community liaisons positions and careers studying environmental impact. There is a lot of room for growth and many chances for success in the many alternative energy careers offered in wind development. For many jobs an engineering background is preferred but an individual with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement can find great opportunities as well.

Tidal energy is another area that has many alternative energy careers available. Positions are offered in tidal concepts in bridges, streams and lagoons, engineers to work on turbines, generators, and general control systems as well as developing prototypes and CAD modeling. Alternative energy careers in tidal energy also include patent writing, business development, and senior financial executives and international sales representatives. In the Marine mooring systems there are alternative energy careers available in grid connections, off-shore technology, off-shore logistics, marine ecology and sea bed leasing.

The field of bioenergy also has many promising alternative energy careers including researching sources of bioenergy including energy crops, working on coppice rotation and developing wood chip biomass and landfill. There are also career opportunities in developing diofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, methanol, syngas, hydrogen, landfill gas as solid biomass pellets. Jobs in processing waste to heat by means of gasification, pyrolysis, distilling, fermenting, storage, transportation, sales and gas safety are also available to qualified applicants. Another one of the up and coming alternative energy careers in bioenergy is the development of sustainable vehicles such as the flexible fuel vehicle, hybrid vehicles, FC vehicles and fueling infrastructure technology.

Alternative energy careers are wide open in the field of solar power. There are openings for business and financial development, CEO’s, financial directors, and investment advisors. There are also jobs available working with solar thermal systems, domestic hot water systems, solar cooking systems, passive solar systems and solar pump systems. Professionals are needed to work as photovoltaic systems installers and to work with grid systems and battery systems. Alternative energy careers working with solar energy are also available in sales, public relations and human services.

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