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What’s The Problem With Non Renewable Energy?

Non renewable energy is energy that is unable to be replenished. There is an argument that most types of energy can be renewed, but the problem is time. Some of today’s most sought after fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas, took thousands, if not millions of years to create. Plants and animals died and their remains decomposed and were compacted so much so that over time they turned into one of the largest sources of energy in the world, coal, oil and natural gas. Unfortunately, humans will run out of those fossil fuels long before the Earth can make enough to replace them. These are considered non renewable energy because they simply can’t be renewed fast enough to keep up with consumption.

A look at the opposite will show you just how many other options there are though. For example, if you look towards non renewable energy you may have a limited scope, but the range of renewable energy is much larger. Renewable forms of energy include solar power, wind power, water power, biomass power and geothermal power. Each one is able to provide a substantial amount of regular energy without every expiring. The amount available is in no risk of being wiped out.

Besides the fact that non renewable energy will run out over time, there are other reasons why people are looking towards other solutions of energy instead. Here is a look.

• Solar power, wind power and water power are ideal for clean use; they do not create any toxins or pollutants in the air. This means they are a better choice for the environment as a whole.

• Some forms of renewable energy will in fact help clean up the earth, such as the use of biomass. By using waste products to fuel the earth, there is a huge advantage to be taken into consideration.

• Non renewable energy is often obtained through the destruction of natural habitats and landscapes. With non renewable energy sources, it is often required to do a lot of digging, mining or other methods to remove and use the energy source which is detrimental to the environment.

Non renewable energy is an option and is what people are currently using on the large scale because it is cheap to use. Yet, once the investment into any of these other types of energy is used, they will pay for themselves over the short period of time. Once companies realize the benefits they have in using renewable sources of energy, many of the non renewable energy sources will be used less, improving the environment as a whole.

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