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Wind Energy Is More Widely Used Than Many Realize

Wind energy is a power that humans have long tapped into. The first known reference of people using the power of the wind to accomplish tasks, in fact, dates back to the 1st century AD. Today, however, this is an underrated alternative source of power that actually supplies a great deal more homes the world over than many people realize.

On the worldwide scale, the production of wind energy is a drop in the bucket in comparison to fossil fuel and nuclear driven electrical power. The worldwide rate, as of 2007, was 1 percent for wind energy. Still, this equates to a much greater capacity than it would seem on the surface. Wind power, for example, is responsible for producing a whopping 19 percent of Denmark’s electricity. It is also widely used in Spain, Germany, Portugal and elsewhere in Europe. Production of wind power has risen dramatically in the 2007. Estimates put the rise at five times the 2000 rate by 2007.

So, what is wind energy exactly and what are the benefits of using it over other sources of electricity?

Wind power, much like solar energy, comes from a highly renewable, natural source. Unlike fossil fuels, wind electricity, is not in limited supply. This type of energy is generally harvested using specialized turbines that are placed in configurations to make wind farms. The individual turbines themselves are created to transform the wind’s kinetic energy into usable electrical current.

The benefits of using wind energy are quite extensive. Although this source of alternative fuel does have some limitations, the perks of going with wind rather than fossil fuels include:

• Its abundance – Winds blow the world over throughout the year. Although it’s true that some areas receive a great deal more wind than others, this source of energy is fully renewable and fairly constant.

• It is cleaner – Burning fossil fuels to create usable electricity can be rather dirty business – especially for the environment. When winds turn turbine fans and produce energy within a generator, the entire process has little to no impact on the environment.

• It is fairly efficient in low capacities – Wind energy can be used on small-scale farms to completely or almost completely remove the need for a home to be hooked into an electrical grid. Large scale farms, such as those found in Europe, can make a big impact in offsetting the use of fossil fuel electricity.

Wind energy is not a new concept by any means. Still, the power of the wind is really gaining footing as of late. This alternative source of power is already offsetting the use of nonrenewable forms of power in many locations around the world and its use is on the rise.

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